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Udupi Ramachandra Rao biggest legend



Udupi Ramachandra Rao the biggest legend in isro Indian research .Udupi Ramachandra Rao is famous for Firstly Satellite ‘Aryabhata’ success


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Facebook will not show any Atlanta shooting content



Recently, Facebook has Announced is that a lot of Atlanta shooting content is coming and Facebook is decided to not show on its platform. Because this is being added to Facebook’s policy voilation, Facebook does not want to show it because of it.

Facebook does not want to do any wrong publicity right now because in recent times too A lot of rumors and bad news have also in Covid situation

This is why Facebook has to stop this

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Comment below what you think to feel free to ask any questions about this topic I am definitely answering your reply stay connect with us.

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Read the latest blogs about technology & New Trending Gadgets

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New gadgets and inventions in India 2020



New Gadagets in india The gadgets and Tool invention is day by day increasing the power of Technology is day to day More Powerful To make easier and creative work done by the rest of the time Now I”m Talking about the what is the more Invention is you look in the future and I’m also talking about the new gadgets and invention some gadgets also help the medical science so Let’s Begin Before we start If you are Not interested in Reading So plz Click on the Red Icon In your Left Side so Let”s Start

Portable performance Sole

New Gadagets in india
Portable performance Sole

The portable performance Sole is all about the take your Grip on the Wet -ice this gadget is  Made by the Vibram Company. Because the worst thing is to Walk on the wet ice so this gadget is Make easy to walk on the wet ice Freely. This company is very creative and forward-thinking in their industry this company specially design more creative tools and Gadgets that can Anybody do the work easy. The best part of these Gadgets is fit  with Your whatever you wear in your Legs Yes Look in this Below Pictures  and also You see on the Video  

Fit with Your shoes
Read - How to Convert image into illustration Click here 

Nokia Fit Wearable Phone Concept

Nokia Fit Phone Concept Highlights Future of Wearable Devices - Gizbot News

Nokia FIT is the Hand-free Concept design by the Issam trabelsi. What does this Gadgets is do its made for the fit in your finger and then is fit then you can manage your Incoming calls, and unread text, urgent calls, and the Messages will be relayed thought vibration yes if you wear this in your finger and then you see the magic if this Gadget that I already said this is a hand – Free Concepts Phone it’s just comfortably Fit in your Finger and then You feel the Vibration In your finger when there is a call or when you Receive Notification 

Features  and How its work – its work via Bluetooth but its also be fit Comfortably fit in your hand that why its designing wearable to help you to Expose your  ears to the Radiation and the reduces the use of the hand-phone devices, now we look at the what is features

please understand This tool is divided into three parts 

  1. The green button what the green buttons do?
    This is for when to receive an incoming call so this button is to accept the call when you switch this so you accept the incoming calls
  2. Notification parts this is an important part here you see your Missed calls and unreads messages with the help of the LED indicators also with the help of the Vibration mechanism is also Engage here.
  3.  Red button what you thing yes it’s for the cancel the calls.
  • This gadget is waterproof, and its also work on the Nonslip features Ex- like you in the swimming pool but your gadget is work Because is waterproof 

SX-ELLA Stent Danis (Product Description)

If you are suffering from severe bleeding in Your food pipe. So these Gadgets will Help you to make the Acute Treatment of the Oesophageal Varices. This is incredible how technology has advanced to such great levels! ? in Medical science also but is also  is safe and effective

SX-ELLA Stent Danis - Product Description and Procedure. - YouTube

Important Points to Remind Before Use This Gadget

  • The SX-ELLA is intended the stop your acute bleeding from the esophageal varices
  • The preparation of the delivery system is very Important Because the delivery system indicator the gadgets so make sure the Delivery system good and better.
  • The positioning of the patient is Highly Recommended by Doctors and the inventors.
  • Fixing the delivery system in the stomach Because its go on your stomach so your stomach system will be good ad enough.

All Details of This Gadgets is here click here to Download the PDF

If you have any question so plz watch the Video here

IoT Kitchen Appliances

Smart Kitchen Gadgets & IoT Kitchen Appliances

The future of IoT is very Specific and big IoT Full form is the Internet of things. The Internet of things is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines to provided and the ability to send or transfer the data with the help of a local network and without the help of humans to Humans and also there is no requirement of the humans to the computer interaction this is called the IoT. like

Make grilling easier. This is very useFull and best Application Gadget ever Its Measure the temperature without lifting the lid on your grill or smoker. The Connect Thought using Bluetooth and has magnetic mounting.

AI-(Artificial Intelligence)

This Year's AI (Artificial Intelligence) Breakthroughs

The Future of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is very big then now the future is all about the Robots and New Technology, New Gadgets make sure you learn new things in your present because the present activity is affecting the future Activities Now look at what is the mean of Ai

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include: speech recognition, learning, planning, problem-solving also PSP (Problem-solving product )

The Future of Robotics is very big people are now Work From Home and the online trends is more and more Developing another and big news about the Internet is that the Twitter CEO announced that The Twitter’s all employees now able to home from home for the lifetime because of the
Covid-19. The CORONAVIRUS Pnadamic has killed so many of peoples life and the daily basses work are already Stop Now people are not involved in physical work They Now involved in Digital work zoom’s meeting’s Webinars and all of that The Future is clear is Online internet and Robotis More I’m Not saying that the Physical work is Stop But Because of the COVID-19 we need Minimum 2-3 Year to Recover and come in Your simple and Better life.

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