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Tracking app For COVID-19



Aarogya Setu App

The Indian Government Finally Test and launched the Aaroya Setu app for Tracking the Humans Health Status Activity thought Some basic Questions & answers in their App the simple steps to use the app Only with Moblie Otp Code Confirmation Download the app Once you install the app then you need to Follow Basic instructions To use the app select Language which you Use in Your Daily Life. Read instructions and Go Next Resignation your self in-app with OTP Confirmation and after You fill basic questions they ask and answered related to COVID-19 Its a Very Good app In the field in India. A small Request Plz download this app in your phone stay turn on your Bluetooth & Location To help the government the best part of this app it can also Alert Messages your if there is any COVID-19 Patience near you and if you meet somebody in-app you got alert messages thought ring that confirms that the person you meet it’s COVID 19 Or not. So Please Again Request Download the app it’s available on iOS/Play store. Let’s look at it.

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once you read and confirm your Phone no With an OTP code and then you see this screen in-app permission click on I agree to use the App in Recent Update There are four Optin In-App first is. and one is coming soon.

  1. Your Health Status in your Health Status you will find out that your is heath is in on High Risk Or Low Risk. and also if you scroll down you can see also how to maintain social distance, Self-assessment test, and Etc.
  2. Self assess where You can check again If You feel something Wrong in Your Health and not only you can check your health Status You can also Check your father, Mother If they if something wrong in their health.
  3. COVID Updates How much in India Cases Totals Deaths and Recovered Rate also and the fourth option is
  4. E-pass its option for how it is for essential service Like doctors Medicaid Workers, the front line COVID warriors.
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Apple & Google

Google & Apple is also ready to enter the market to safe Your live thought app system that is tracking app in-app contact related to COVID-19 its confirms on the last week  that the app might be described as the default tracking system that they intend to implement “while maintaining strong protections around user privacy.” This default system setting is enabled less essential, and a good provide thing too. The Google/Apple default tracking system is seriously flawed, mainly because it elevates privacy over effectiveness because Privacy is very important for us & all the User. thank god Luckily the national health systems will be free to write better and more workable tracking apps that can still plug into Google and Apple operating systems without buying into the questionable choices those companies seem to favor and it’s very important for us. The app it’s still on the Soon Testing and then Lunching.

Important information

One other thing I’m trying to tell you is that its fight for all of us to safe our & other life please request to all of you please Follow the guides of government Government of India is taking all necessary steps to ensure that we are prepared well to face the challenge and threat posed by the growing pandemic of COVID-19 the Corona Virus. The most important factor in preventing the spread of the Virus locally is to empower the citizens with the right information and taking precautions as per the advisories being issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Please Follow the Lockdown please take in Discipline because Discipline is very important for us to follow Social distancing, Cover Your mouth With Mask & Handkerchief Avoid go outside from your home. Be safe Don’t Panic and one important word doesn’t believe in Rumors. Because Rumors play a very negative role in any Field because someone says this happening that happening but nothing happening any ever if you listen to any kind of news related to the CORONAVIUS (COVID-19) so please request to you confirms it’s true or Wrong. Also, Media is work on day and night to stay update in News Related to COVID-19 Pandemic. please also Motivates those how are also work in this situation to help us Like Doctors, Medicals workers, Milk Man, also Thanks to Ragpicker hats off doctor how to save our life in these time there not meet to their family members Because of the Disease they emotionally connect to there family as well. so please again download the app and follow the guidance of the government If you feel any kind of health issues in highly recommend you go your nearly Doctors to stay home safe Safe not your also your family member’s lives.
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Instagram is down on 19/03/21 details here



Instagram’s app and website have both been down for a while. 5xx server error Instagram

And the special thing is that the main website of Instagram has also been down, but Facebook has not been down because these people have focused more on Facebook as a product.

Instagram is down

Instagram is down for use worldwide you can also see in the uper image

Around 40min to 1hr Instagram and whatsapp and even now Facebook is also down

Yes guys Facebook is also down details is come and in Instagram many user facing 5xx server error Instagram, if you are also facing this issue comment below

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Why You Stop using WhatsApp here facts



Why You Stop using Whatapp here facts

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy is very dangerous for our privacy If we talk nowadays, then all the government very restricts about the data, not only the Government of India but also the foreign government are very aware of this And WhatsApp’s new privacy policy tells us that now you will not be able to do the same things for free, now we will take your data and share to Facebook and Instagram and also the new news has come that your Whatapp group is now publicly sharing anyone can access

Elon Musk has also said that the richest person in the world, you should not use under WhatsApp new privacy policy and you should shift to the signal private messenger app

when such a comment comes from the richest man in the world, then we also have to be safe by looking at our data, if we talk today, then all our work is done with WhatsApp, even if we talk to someone, we do it right and online payment Also, if we want to send something from WhatsApp itself, we also send it through WhatsApp and we have to take something from WhatsApp itself.

WhatsApp New policy is not right for us at all. Our recommendation has been that you stop using WhatsApp and instead, you can use it by Telegram or you can also use signal chatting which Drecomment by Elon musk

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