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Top 5 Upcoming Blockchain phone in india



Lots of peoples are said to me and I search on google there is no article about the information on Blockchain phones in India so I am Solve the Problem Thought my blog. The blockchain phone in India and all over the world the Wrong thing I am Clear is Blockchain company would”not made it. the five phones I mention in this Blog is a crypto wallet base & Cold storage wallet and Important apps like Dapp’s base option in the smartphone that the other company is made. There are five amazing Upcoming phones and some phones are also Lunched in India and the others are still coming in India those who are Crypto lovers and for Cryptocurrency Community they must be Look theses phones. So let’s get started the first phone is Samsung Klaytn Phone.

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1. Samsung KlaytnPhone

The first smartphone in the India market is expected to come in the future is Samsung Note 10 klytan the phone is very unique Name  ‘klaytn’ Klaytn is a public blockchain platform developed by Ground X. The phone confirmation it comes on last year as per the discussion in October 2019 is only available in South Korea but it’s very come soon in India. There are some special Amazing features and the main thing is five amazing B-apps why its phone meet because of this *B-App: The BApps Mean (Blockchain Application).

  • The 5 Bapps are;
    • mobile phone platform Antube
    • beauty platform Fitsme
    • Dining Dapp Haemuk
    • Shopping platform WomansTalk
    • Digital contents provider Piction Network

These are specials Apps are work on only work on the CryptoPhone not in the normal phone it’s only on the Digital Crypto Supports Phones.

2.HTC Exodus 1

The Htc Exodus phone also in the market The HTC Exodus 1 is available in all countries. the phone is Lunched on last year on its phone you will find out Digital assets such as Blockchain, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. the Trust of Zion makes more secure to use Crypto Any transaction on Zion wallet is done over (TEE) TEE Full Form is Trusted Execution Environment. which makes people more feel secure and uses more. The Zion Provides us the trust of All in one Private Vault Protection. The Zions make your all keys safe and secure transactions. In the previous section, we would talk about Samsung Supports the 5 Dapps and this phone the special thing is Zion wallet base Phone which is very Trust full to customers.



The Sirens Labs Called FINNEY is the first full Blockchain Base phone is sort name called is FINNEY. The Finney makes the Cyber -protection thought blockchain-enabled smartphone With build- in the cold storage wallet that the Unique and safe and screen secure. The phone enables the features of learning Thoght Airdrops Mechanism, Its also allows you to Covert your Tokens Simlyy no problem to Worry. and the best part is it’s comfortable in any hand. it’s very smooth. So let’s check some more features on this phone.

Learn & Earn Airdrop Mechanism: In this Phone, You will be also Earn from rewards thought FINNEY tokens yes From FINNEY Tokens If you want to stay update your self in crypto thought blockchain so this will help You Thought tokens via airdrops Machanisem you will be earning.

Convert Your tokens Nativly Simply & Smartly: The FINNEY will make Build in tokens Conversions Services to you to allow seamless Exchange yes seamless Exchange Between Tokens & Your Favorite Coins.
Decentralize in Your Day -To -Life: With the Help of this phone to will make the Dapp more powerful and as simple as using Dapps; Unlocking new Features Easily.

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4. Huobi & Whole Network’s Acute Angle Node 6

Huobi & Whole Network
Huobi & Whole Network

Huobi will allow services of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, in entered the blockchain industries & phone marketing of Collaborating with the whole Network of the blockchain. The phones Features In my information and all over I see in the articles & in videos that the unique thing is the Blockchain-Related apps are pre-installed related to Houbi and the Houbi will allow us to also The alerting System what is the mean of the Alert system:- The user see when the prices of a particular Crypto low or Down in another way you also tell increase or decrease Its very alerting system that the Huobi developed in her phone Right now it is Now Today days only available in (China) But in future is also available in India and all over the World. The Finney, Samsung is Fail in Front of Huobi.

5. Samsungs Galaxy S10

Samsungs Galaxy S10
Samsungs Galaxy S10

Last but not least the Samsung Galaxy S10 The Galaxy S10 supports the crypto Wallet option and the other Wallet number of digitals Currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmo Coin and the Price of the phone Rs. 51,480 and the Enjmn coin and also support Dapps it’s now available all over the world. The first-ever major Dapp that the Samsung supporting in her phone Galaxy S10. and this is also a Better and good choice for Gamers who can engage with Ethereum-based Cryptocurrency that most of the gamers used if you don’t know No Problem is just a piece of information only are said. the Samsung first Crypto phone with Dapps supports those who are Crytocureenecy community or finest in Crypto so which buy this low price Comfortable phone Its suitable for You.

Now it’s time to think about what phone you like what features and the Availability of the phone is some are also available in India you just need to search them and others are coming in the future.

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best phones under $100



In America, there is a lot of option but when we talking about India there is a bunch of smartphones is available to look at for example real me phones are also good, and redmi the brother of real me is also available and the Ambani phones like jio how you can forget that jio is also a good option to look at for performance-wise $100 dollar is not very much that the performance that you looking for but i can only suggest you these phone in market it’s is more phones also but they are more but seriously they are a boor i hope you get it

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OnePlus 10R launched in India.



6.7″ FHD+ OLED, 10Bit, 120Hz refresh rate

  • Dimensity 8100 Max, LPDDR5, UFS 3.1
  • Android 12
  • 50MP IMX766 OIS+8MP+2MP rear
  • 16MP front
  • 8.2mm thick
  • 186 Gram
  • In-display FPS
  • X-Axis motor
  • 150W/4500mAh | 80W/5000mAh
  • Pricing
    8/128GB (80W) – ₹38,999
    12/256GB (80W) – ₹42,999
    12/256GB (150W) – ₹43,999

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  • OnePlus Nord Buds – ₹2,799

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