Is Vivo a trusted brand? Or Not

Vivo is another brand that originated from China
Vivo is a fully trusted phone and globally people are using this phone there is no doubt it’s trusted phone but in every phone, the doubt is when coming when in the phone the pre-install the app is existing for example if you buy a Vivo phone so you have already pre-install an application like file manager, cache manager, and UC browser and something like that and in this situation, people in India people are not giving too much of the attention to Chinese phone p not only to Chinese phone Chinese apps also in the previous day you can see that there is 59 + Apps India is ban because these apps are stealing our privacy that is not so good in India because people use Chinese app famous app like TikTok like UC browser and, etc show the Chinese apps are cover all data in their server and when Chinese government are being asked to them so they have to given that data so that’s why Indian banned Chinese apps and the US also bans tik tok

Every phone is good but the apps are very dangerous the apps are stole our privacy pencil to the big companies and government also Indian government is also asks 259 question to ban apps every countries must be aware about their citizen privacy
if you look in China so people are not use other country apps and search engine Google i also in China people are use Baidu search engine not even only searching the other apps like Facebook Instagram they are all made by the Chinese developers and then the give to the people to use them

I am not against to Chinese phone because Chinese phone is also very good but the main thing is privacy because we all have our privacy we don’t want to leak any important documents and things like that so be away use all phones but be aware that security features and app that you use are legal or not

If you want Best camera in your phone selfie camera so Vivo is also a good option Like recently Vivo launched s1 pro is a huge demand of this phone And Its all Up To you which Feature and ram you want in phone demand make Choices

Here is a list of best Vivo phones under 15000 Different Category .

  • VIVO V5S.
  • VIVO V5.
  • VIVO Y69.
  • VIVO Y69.
  • VIVO Y55S.
  • VIVO Y55L.
  • VIVO Y53
  • VIVO Z1

These Phones are in Best range & Trusted by the consumers

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