Here is New something in Tech 2020


So let’s get Started make a new year solution to a new technology new start and a new evolution of the technology I will tell you what is the future and what You today In a generation so let’s begin


Gadget yes a gadget can change our life today and tomorrow in every life if you sleep you have A gadget if you are Wake Up you Have A Gadgets 90 percent of the people in 14 to 30 yrs is sleep with her phones

A gadget is a small tool machine that is a practical function but is thought normally something refers to Machines.

small & unique and but it’s very affected to our Daily life example phone watches Laptop and smartphone oh my god the smartphone is a huge demand in World Every week are new phones launched in every company.

Social media

social media if you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouCanTag, you know social media what is the social media is an interactive computer technology that facilitates the creation of sharing of your photo, videos, information, ideas, career interset, & other forms expressions via Community and share only good content

a lens this is the lead generator we can invest money sell our products on the social media platform and use It’s For Your Business & marketing

Artificial intelligence

You know everything Say artificial intelligence is the changing of World and Makes the human jobless but it’s good for us it’s not jobless it’s changing future of every Human who Changes himself today because if you learn today you can implement in Your future.

Artificial intelligence is a changing world of me & You its can be more effective with our daily life in our daily routine Artificial intelligence Mean the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like Human and act like Human it is a problem-solving product PSP For us it’s not mean that every human is Jobless its effect to Some industries.

The people skill is always in your hand is That artificial intelligence is Launched full in the market Your don”t Worry Because people skills is not a technology it’s only in your hand it’s a good skill if you Communicate people if you lead people as a leader in. It’s a Good skill So future is Today in your Hand Change today Learn today & Enjoy Tomorrow.


The huge talking about blockchain the blockchain is nothing original blockchain growing list of records block data link using cryptocurrency you know cryptocurrency has of the previous Blog we wear taking about block-chain district to a modified of data Some people say that the banks are going Off but there is a no chance for bank are going off if Bank is going Off there is a 10yrs More To this Technologies But is fasting growing industry Millions of website are already talking about what is cryptocurrency & block-chain but it’s the changing world of Banking industry so Answer is 50/50 Chance you

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