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Gadgets and inventions in india 2021



New Gadgets and invention in India is day by day increasing the Powerful of Technology and gadgets is really helpful for everyone and in pandemic a lot of people are very happy with online gadgets services and new invention these people who say that they don;t know about the Technology and gadgets now they are also using gadgets and technology and grow there life So, What you are waiting lets Look at Top Gadgets and inventions in India 2021 is already happen and soon will happen

Artificial intelligence (Future Change)

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (Future Change) why I’m saying future change because in this pandemic technology grow 5x Speed that technology that comes in 5 Year later will come now is exsit in the market So you have to Also look at the Artificial intelligence which is very Important and New Future for not just for India but globally also

2 Face of Ai

  • The first Face of Ai is very important for us if ai is come in the market then a lot of people will see implemented in there daily bases works Ai Will affect each one of person, company and organized in the field of Technology
  • The Second Face of Ai will affect those people who not want to change there Life I explained how Because Ai is new robotics technology and a lot of people they don’t want to change there Life according to AI and the effects people will get if they do not want to change three life so they will get No Jobs, No New technics in Robots.

5G technology (5g phones in India)

5G technology

You Already know 5g phones in india and 5g phones market is expanded compare to 2019- 2020 and now a lot of Smartphones Company that are really helpful in this Mission for Ex- Realme, samsung, oneplus, and even iPhone company also. But the situation of Now in india is very Bad, I mean very bad the Normal data service is not as much as good that we are expecting in 2021

Because Now if 4G can run Normally so this is a very Big implementation for us But Still Look at the Phones That you might 100% Buy if you are looking for A 5G Phones in India

  • Realme Narzo 30 Pro the First One that I recommended is Realme Narzo with this you will get 6GB Normal Ram and 2 dual 5G sim that all you need with this
  • OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G The second phone that I’m recommending is OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G with is the phone you will get 8GB Ram and 128 Gb Storage which is very fine at this time and you also get the fingerprint security

Online teaching

Online Teaching Future is Very Big

We should not Forgot, How did our teachers help us during the pandemic, not just the little ones but older ones also, We can see its improvement in the future, the way this going on Its, clearly shows that online teaching is going to the Next level, you can not imagine that it is still a little low but by 2022 23 it will be More improve Gadgets That really helpful in Online teaching is zoom, google rooms and other types of online tutorials apps and website are really helpful for everyone

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Tech News

A Japanese exoskeleton maker called Skeletonics has created a suit



A Japanese exoskeleton maker called Skeletonics has created a suit that turns its wearer into a fighting exoskeleton.

The company’s latest model is a fun upper body suit that requires no power supply beyond its wearer’s own strength, and turns the wearer into a beastly boxer.

The video shows a man in a suit throw some punches with two massive mechanic arms — and the agility with which he’s moving the whole rig is seriously impressive.

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Tech News

Make Money on Instagram No Rocket Science



So this is good news for you is Instagram is testing a new subscriptions New Feature to Help New and old Creators to make money monthly

  • You can see more updates on Matt Navarra twitter Account
  • Moyhly Revence Around 360 INR or above ?

So is this possible so the answer is definitely yes because Instagram is currently also testing reels make money model because 90% of IG users watch reels consistently even also 😂

How you can earn

All insta users may see soon in have to pay to see Stories or access other content or media from creators on the Metaverse

Who Launched ?

Metaverse you may say Facebook or you can also say Powered by Metaverse. After the announcement of Metaverse in the crypto Market is the biggest pump, The Greate Coins Like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin (Elon Musk) are down and metaverse all coin in the boom, That why Instagram is thinking about this From a long time that why insta announced this

You can also watch everything Hindi Video

Welcome to Metaverse
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