Dartle Laser Keyboard I konnect

Dartle Laser Keyboard I konnect

The Wireless Laser Keyboard this is For Future Technology the technology of the Gadgets is moving like a slippery Soap. You have seen your mouse connecting to the laptop, but today I am going to tell you today, you will be able to use Wireless keyboard, first of all, is not the keyboard is laser light Keyboard Sound Excitecd why not so Don’t waste time Let”s Begin (Not Interesting in reading So you can also Listen Click on Red icon in your Upper left side )

Dartle Laser Keyboard I konnect

In this image, you also be able to see that it is not Keyboard It is a laser light which shows the shape of the Keyboard Where you can type whatever you want. And then as it is will be written on your mobile or your laptop. the company Tagline is Future of Keyboard & Mouse

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What About the Gadget

The Gadget Support Laptop and Mobile it’s Connect Thought Bluetooth. It”s very easily connect with your Device. This gadget is Also Comfortable with your Tablets because The tablets are very important for casual tasks and as per for browsing the websites watching the movies. This is Mae for those people who are Work properly with there Daily basses Wok this gadget make more comfortable to work remotely anyplace anytime Just need a Button to Turn on the battery backup is another best powerful reason to use it”s Battery back up is 5000mAh which can easily run 10 + Hours for normal work,

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What about the Features ?

The Feature”s is very important before buying any Gadget”s & even if you want to buy Phone also the Features show That the Gadget or phone it’s Perfect For Your Need”s or not So let us look at what is the Special Features in this Gadget

  • Features
    • , Perfect With Whatever you do
    • Yes you are Right to perfect where you Sit our Stand-Up because it is mad for theses Sititaion and the best part is very Handly Device it”s Adjust with your Body with comfortably with no Heavy load you just need to connect your device and start your Finger on the Keyboard.
  • Battery Backup
    • When It”s Come to Battery Life What kind of Battery Backup you can expect? so the Battery Backup you can Receive is around 2 -Days Under Of Your Normal Uses and it is also 100% Accessory, and it takes only 2-hours of charging and supply you 2 days of Battery Life What you Think Please Comment.
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion power (Battery Simply ) like a Long battery you can access 2 full days.
    • Bluetooth connectivity.
      • (One- power button On/Off.) You did not need to be master to use this Gadget its only one Power Button.
      • Excellent Laser Resolution.
    • The replacement of the Gadget is very simple and It”s made by simply moving your fingers on any flat surface to use mouse actions, manipulate images, or even draw. And of course, type quickly and efficiently.
    • Fully-size keyboard and mouse.
    • Fully portable work anywhere virtual laser keyboard and mouse.
    • Compatible With: Android and iOS, PC, Windows and MAC (So Don”t Worry and confuse Its Supported all devices )

How to Buy This Gadget

Where you can Buy This Gadget I think is your next thinking Where can i”m buy this Gadget Right so The Gadget is pricing is Divided into 4 Parts The gadget Starting Price is around 100$. This gadget is For Long term so You can Buy To Go to the Website Click here. But Wait Read Below what I’m Mention what are the four Packages of this Gadget?

  • packages
    • The Four Packages Below just clarify the Offers and if you and your family members if they are also interesting so you can buy thought combo packages.
    1. The First pack is for 3 Dartle laser Keyboard and mouse also This is Starting Price is $259.97 but Don”t Worry you can also Buy thought installments of $67.73.
    2. The Second is 1 Dartler laser Keyboard and Mouse is This package Starting price is $$99.97 Buy Also you can pay Thought 4 installments of $27.23.
    3. the third is for 2 Dartle Laser Keyboard And mouse also this package starting price is $179.97 buy again you can also pay Thoght installment of $47.48.
    4. the last but not the Least is For 4 Dartle Laser Keyboard and Mouse this packages stating Price is 329.97 It is expensive but also Good for us to share with our friends.
  • My Recommendation is if you only Buy one so choose 2 option and if you buy more and 1 or 2 so please choose 4 option.
  • Important Information
    • All packages pricing is fixed and the shipment price is Around $10.
  • Payment Options (what Payments Option you Able to see Here.) Payment is the important thing you go to buy so read below what is the option you will find on the website.
    • This is also an important thing to remind The payment option is Paypal, Credit Card and also 3,4 Installments With the best part (No Interest)
  • So Be prepared to be amazed to use this Gadget, The future of typing and working, because you can type directly with a full-size keyboard into your phone. Fantastic. the future is also about technology, New Gadget, and also Robotics the day by day new invention is happening on AI (Artificial – Intelligence ) the Future is Clear is Digital, That all. And one Request from me Do not Forget To Subscribe Us Stay Update Your Self IN Technology and Upcoming Phones, Gadgets Now Subscribe to our newsletter! Here Below

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